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the future application of PET bottles in the packaging field .

2018-03-01 23:07:44

Plastic containers as the main form of packaging of liquid chemical product, benefit from the rapid development of liquid detergent, etc, will expand several kinds of materials such as PET, PE, PVC and PP plastic containers used in the field of cosmetic. At the same time, the transparency of packaging is also an important development trend of daily products, and the packaging of cleaning products, personal care products or cosmetics is becoming more transparent. PET bottle has great strength, light quality, good transparency, the use of PET bottle high transparency, can maximum limit display the look and feel of the contents and quality, for the product to provide a good interface and consumers "communication". Therefore, PET bottle has increasingly become the enterprise preferred packaging container of supplies, at present, many well-known enterprises such as procter & gamble, love group, blue moon and white have began to use PET bottle packaging such as shampoo, shower gel, skin care products, washing supplies and toilet water, and other products, PET plastic packaging container is gradually replace part of the traditional plastic packaging materials. With the continuous development of China's daily chemical products industry, especially liquid cosmetic packaging, the future application of PET bottles in the packaging field of daily chemical products is very promising.

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