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superior performance of PET bottles

2018-03-03 23:18:16

Because of the superior performance of PET bottles, it has been widely used in beverage industry since its emergence, replacing traditional glass bottles, metal cans and other beverage packaging products. With the progress of production technology, the heat resistance and barrier properties of PET bottles are constantly improved, and the product performance is continuously optimized. At present, the application field of PET bottle has been gradually expanded from the original beverage packaging to condiments, daily chemicals, edible oil, leisure food, wine, medicine packaging and other fields. Compared with the material such as paper, glass, metal, PET bottle has the good transparency, good surface gloss, light weight, low cost, high plasticity, impact resistance strength is higher, free bottle type design, material recycling used in the production of industrial plastic products, compared with other packaging materials has obvious comprehensive advantages, become the fastest packaging materials in food and beverage field.

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