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plasticIndustry development trend

2018-02-27 23:11:32

(1) the PET bottle production industry will gradually become stronger and stronger.
The PET bottle manufacturing industry has typical capital intensive and technology intensive characteristics, and the scale economy effect is very obvious.
In December 2016, the ministry, the ministry of commerce jointly issued "on the" instructional advice on accelerating the development of China's packaging industry transformation, and puts forward to 2020, in the domestic packaging industry more than 15 annual output value of more than 5 billion yuan of enterprise or group, the occurrence of these large packaging industry companies, will further improve the industry barriers to entry and concentration. The increase of concentration of industry process is also a weak industry tide stay strong, he is stronger who will be the result of the competition in the industry, small companies will keep pace with the rhythm of the technology and product upgrading, could not reach the requirements of large scale production and gradual exit.

(2) providing "one-stop integrated service" becomes the trend.
PET bottle packing industry in the industrial chain of middle reaches, the needs of the industrial chain and reasonable division of labor and improve the production efficiency of pressure to promote the industry and downstream enterprise cooperation model to "wire production", "integrated production" evolution, packaging enterprises in providing customers with bottle type packaging products at the same time, the production process to the drinking water filling process, the downstream customer can focus resources to channels of marketing, product design, development, and gradually rise, downstream enterprise's dependency on and through the division of the industrial chain to achieve a win-win situation. Under this trend, PET plastic packaging enterprise must locate in integrated packaging service providers, through ascension bottle type packaging material research, product development, design, packaging, value-added function to develop comprehensive ability, at the same time the business links of PET packaging products production downstream extends to the beverage filling, integrates blow filling and spin, dig deep value of the industrial chain, the downstream enterprises to provide a one-stop integrated packaging services, enhance their market position and core competition ability.

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