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petg containers pet petg

2018-02-01 09:37:38
petg containers
petg containers 
pet petg
pet petg
PETG containers   pet petg
PETG containers pet petg

PETG containers biomass composites
Biomass composites feature low-carbon eco-friendly materials. Each use of 1 kg of biomass composites, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions in excess of 2.1 kg, has a very important significance of environmental degradation.
Biomass composites have natural rice color, and at the same time, there are other materials that can not imitate the effect of granular structure, nice appearance, different color and texture effect can be changed according to different product requirements.
Biomass composite materials and their products do not contain plasticizers, BPA-free, no heavy metals and other harmful ingredients. The index of biomass composite material is superior to the requirement of national standard gb 9688 and has passed the certification of fda and the most stringent lfgb certification in the world. It is safe and hygienic and can be safely used in the manufacture of cutlery. At the same time, biomass materials products have passed the EU's microwave oven, dishwasher testing, can be widely used in daily life.
Biomass composites also retain the natural aroma of special rice, taste the taste of corn fiber plastic, completely harmless. In biomass material products inhaled organic compounds test, the test results are qualified.
There is no need to change any production equipment and molds in the production of biomass material products. Biomass composite materials can be handled well, the processing temperature is about 175 ~ 190 ℃, moderate liquidity, suitable for a variety of plastic injection molding methods, including large gate injection, injection, hot runner injection point , Injection molding and so on.
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