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US PET bottle recovery

2018-02-17 23:25:19

According to the latest statistics, both the PET bottle recovery rate and the actual quantity of collected materials have dropped in 2016.
The recovery rate in 2015 was 30.1%, while the recovery rate in 2016 was only 28.4%. The recovery rate dropped continuously for three years. Also, the total PET bottle collection fell by two consecutive years, from 1.79 billion pounds in 2015 to 1.75 billion pounds this year, a decrease of 2.4% to 44 million pounds. The highest level in history came in 2014, at 1.81 billion pounds.
Chairman of National PET Container Resources Association (NAPCOR) said in a statement that 2016 is a year of strong PET bottle growth and also a very difficult year for the PET recycling industry. The low primary resin prices in 2015 and the uncertainties in the demand for recycled materials continue to affect the 2016 industry market.
However, the usage of PET bottles continued to rise. In 2016, about 6,172 million pounds of PET containers were put into the market. Total investment in 2015 was 5.971 billion pounds, compared with 5.84 billion pounds in 2014.
Since 2009, the recovery rate has never been lower than 28%. Although the recovery rate in 2009 was only about 28%, the actual amount of PET bottles actually collected in 2016 far exceeded the amount collected in 2009

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