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The hot stamp ,a process for package surface

2018-02-05 11:22:33

When packaging products processing via the surface after forming, it will needs print, for enterprise product information and brand information by printing way to convey.There are a few way of  printing, here we mainly introduce several common cosmetics packaging industry processes, such as silk screen pad printing ink stamping water transfer printing.


The process mainly USES the principle of heat transfer. Under the pressure under the action of electrochemical aluminum contact with the hot plate, substrates, kodak, due to temperature of electric heating plate hot plate has a certain quantity of heat, electrochemical aluminum heat melt hot melt dyeing resin layer and adhesive, colored resin layer viscous force is reduced, and after special thermal melt adhesive viscosity increases, aluminum layer and electrochemical aluminum membrane stripping of transfer printing on the substrates high-fidelity printing at the same time, as the pressure discharge is divided, adhesive rapid cooling solidification, firmly adhere to the aluminum layer on substrates to complete a hot stamping proces

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