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The china market for cosmetic packaging

2018-02-12 23:42:32

Cosmetic packaging is the most basic function is to extend the shelf life, so that it is easy to transport, carry and not contaminated, damage. China Cosmetic Network for cosmetic market, the current drive to increase the growth of cosmetics consumption engine in Asia, China is particularly concerned. China's market is the world's major brands of cosmetics companies scrambling for the market. Domestic cosmetic bottle enterprises have been mainly to export the way to obtain orders, foreign trade is a lot of cosmetics bottle enterprises in the main market.
With the growth of these enterprises, domestic cosmetics manufacturers for cosmetic bottle packaging demand is also growing, this is our cosmetics bottle enterprises can go to develop the market.
In addition, it is necessary to note that a cosmetic brand is a long process of shaping, in the high-end cosmetics market, domestic cosmetics brands are difficult to contend with foreign enterprises. Therefore, the need to change sales direction is the low-end cosmetic bottles, high-end cosmetic bottle packaging is mainly foreign trade.

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