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The "3R" development trend of packaging products

2018-02-24 23:27:11

The concept of sustainable development and green circular economy is a part of the current mainstream value orientation, which has been accepted by the public. In the past ten years, the "3R" principle adopted by the packaging industry in developed countries has gradually been accepted by China's packaging industry, becoming a developing trend in the future.

The 3R principle is reduce (reduction principle), reuse (reuse principle), recycle (recycle principle). The reduction principle requires that packaging products should be miniaturized and light, and that the packaging of products should be as simple and simple as possible, so as to reduce waste discharge. Reuse principle against the spread of disposable supplies, producers should as far as possible will be packaging products as a kind of daily life appliance design, make its like tableware and backpack can be repeated use; The recycling principle requires that the packaging that is produced should be reused as much as possible after completing its use, instead of the non-degradable waste.

The packaging materials should be developed in environmental protection direction, such as recyclable and easily degradable.
In order to adapt to the development trend of 3R of packaging products, the development and promotion of new recyclable and easily degradable packaging materials is an important development trend in the future packaging industry. In recent years, new degradable packaging materials such as photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics and water-soluble plastics have become hot spots in the research and development of packaging materials at home and abroad.
PET, PP and other materials have the characteristics of recyclable, which is a good environmental protection packaging material at present technical level. The PET bottle can be re-blown into a new bottle after crushing and reprocessing, and there is little change in performance. It can also be decomposed into low polymers or monomers, reused as raw materials, or cracked into small molecular fuel, thus achieving the purpose of recycling.

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