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Packaging news and new market

2018-02-13 23:37:06

According to "Packaging News" and "New Market Research," the 2012 global packaging market is valued at $ 23.5 billion and by 2018 this figure is expected to increase to $ 32.4 billion. By 2018, cosmetics packaging machinery market is expected to reach 2.5 billion US dollars. Although North America holds 29% of the global cosmetics market, Europe leads the entire industry in the packaging machinery market.

Because cosmetics are often applied to the skin, they cause some contamination during the packaging process. Many cosmetic packers will use container cleaning equipment to prevent this contamination. From washers and gaskets to vacuum flasks, these devices contain dust, debris and other contaminants before the product is delivered for packaging. Cleaning machines are available for semi-automatic and automatic production lines.

Of course, bottles and other containers used in the cosmetic industry range from small, glass vial like containers to bigger plastic bottles. In addition, products may be thin liquids, thick liquids, gels or even powders. These variations mean that the filling equipment used to package cosmetics will vary from project to project. Like rinsers, filling machines can be built to run semi-automatically or automatically depending on production demands.


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