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PETG containers petg bottles

2018-02-28 09:24:30
PETG containers
PETG containers
 petg bottles
 petg bottles
PETG containers    petg bottles
PETG containers petg bottles

 PETG containers shrink film label market conditions
1, the advantages of shrinking labels
Label shrink film mainly PVC, OPS and PET, PET shrink film is particularly prominent.
① personal packaging, highlighting the appearance modeling, increase publicity effect.
② heat-shrinkable film, high transparency, bright color label.
③ perfect print pattern, more suitable for shallow screen printing.
④ heat shrinkable film wear resistance, the back of the label so that the label has better wear resistance.
⑤ shrink packaging technology and equipment is relatively simple, heat sealing, bonding.
⑥ easy to punch, open section and sub-section points.
2, shrink film label market growth trend
Shrink packaging is in rapid growth, in recent years in the field of labeling market share continues to grow, the annual growth rate remained at 7% to 10%, far more than the average label market 4% to 5% annual growth rate, Great potential for development. Data show that the demand for shrinking tags at about 20% annual growth rate.
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