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PET company development marketing strategy

2018-02-25 23:05:00

For PET bottle production enterprises, the value of single PET bottle is small, and it is necessary to ensure the survival and development of the enterprise through mass scale production. In addition, the production of PET bottles for different customers, different downstream products production of PET bottle, the need for the appearance of the different design, color design and configure different ingredients mould, if the downstream low degree of product standardization, types of single and small batch production, is difficult to realize large-scale industrialized production, affect the PET bottle production enterprise's profit ability. As a result, production capacity in certain cases, PET bottle production enterprises tend to adopt the "development of a small amount of high quality clients, try to expand a single customer sales, with the high quality, high-growth customer common development" marketing strategy, with the core quality customers to establish long-term, stable relations of cooperation, so as to realize economies of scale

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