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PET bottle fot the wine package

2018-01-16 18:36:16

Many wines are now beginning to use PET plastic bottles for high-end wine packaging.
In Spain's BodegaMatarromera wine estate, which tries to use plastic bottles to pack fine wines, South Africa's Welmoed wine estate is gradually replacing the traditional 750ml glass bottle with plastic bottles. Marks&Spencer, a British supermarket giant, has been selling a quarter of a litre of plastic bottles since 2010.
Even airlines are more willing to use plastic bottles of wine for passenger service!
The PET bottle has a very strong impact resistance, and the weight is also very light. The 0.7-liter PET bottle weighs only 50g, which is one tenth of the weight of the same glass bottle.
PET bottles also have good recycling, production, transportation and storage costs. Its packaging design is also more flexible.

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