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Mini makeup bottles are in urgent need

2017-07-20 17:37:12

In our concept in the make-up bottle must be a large bottle, at least have dozens of ML, is the make-up products, skin care products and the use of daily necessities is also the case, this trial equipment is not specifically designed cosmetic bottles. Merchants are just free from the product out of a bottle for consumers to try.
After experiencing more than N skin contact, the cosmetic bottle bottle itself is a bacterial infection base. This is not just about the consumer irresponsible but also affect the product effect.
Cosmetics need to specifically design mini-trial equipment, this cosmetic bottle capacity is very small, only one or two times to use. Reference bag shampoo shower gel. This is not only easy to store, and customers will not cause the use of bacteria after breeding.
For expensive products, simple cosmetics can also be used for sale, which for the sale of the product is also a great advantage. In the absence of mini cosmetic bottles industry, its emergence will certainly cause people's attention.

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