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Beauty package for man

2018-02-09 22:22:21

With men’s altered care routines, men’s cosmetics have become one of the biggest growth markets in the body care sector. The segment saw its first boom at the beginning of 2000 when the cosmetics industry put the metrosexual man into focus which led to numerous dedicated men’s cosmetics lines.

Seventeen years later expectations may have lowered but at the same time niche products have become generators of income. Market researchers value the turnover at more than US$ 47 billion.

The packaging world has also changed, keeping pace with the development of this male target group for beauty care products. This is because what women might like does not necessarily appeal to men. And this is something corporate consultant Diane Jaffé, CEO at bluestone AG, knows only too well. She advises companies on the topic of gender marketing and is familiar with men and women’s different expectations of packaging. Shape, size and material play an equally decisive role as surface textures, colors or ornamentation.

“Women are often attracted to the opposite of what appeals to men,” explains Jaffé. Straight, square and angular means masculine; rounded forms look more feminine. Brand-name companies have long since recognized the potential of targeted packaging design and do not just attune their marketing and packaging according to gender but also their prices.

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