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A rookie for package products(一)

2018-03-14 16:02:54

1. Common sense of raw materials
Raw materials are the base of cosmetic packaging materials. Without good raw materials, there is no good packaging material. The quality and cost of packaging materials are directly related to raw materials. With the constant rise and fall of the raw material market, the cost of packaging materials will also rise and fall accordingly. Therefore, as a good procurement personnel of packaging materials, not only must understand the basic knowledge of raw materials, but also understand the market conditions of raw materials, so as to effectively Control the core cost of package materials. The main raw materials for cosmetic packaging materials are plastic, paper, and glass, among which plastics are mainly ABS, PET, PETG, and PP.
2. Mold basic knowledge
The mold is the key to the shaping of cosmetic packaging materials. The mold is the mother of the packaging materials. The quality and production capacity of the packaging materials are directly related to the mold. The design, material selection and manufacturing cycle of the mold are longer, so many small and medium-sized brand companies All of them prefer to use male mould products, and on this basis, they will be redesigned so that they can quickly develop new packaging materials and put them on the market after packaging. Mold basic knowledge such as injection mold, extrusion blow mold, blow mold, glass mold and so on.

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